The College of Sound Healing Gong Practitioner Training Course is a CMA-certificated training programme over five weekends, over the period of one year. The Course was written for the College by Sheila Whittaker, who is the senior College Gong tutor, and advisor to the College. Completion of this training will give participants the information, knowledge and tools required to become a specialist gong practitioner.

The world of the gong and its use for healing is an extensive, fascinating and little-known subject. This course aims to bring together and impart as much relevant knowledge and wisdom, ancient and new, as is possible in the time allotted for the course. Some of this knowledge was lost in the mists of time and rediscovered during the last century. Students are encouraged to do their own reading and studies between sessions to further promote their training.

  • Homework will be allotted after each session, and case studies required for certification.
  • A short written exam will be set at the end of the course.
  • Each participant will need to have use of their own gong by the 2nd session.

For the full course curriculum and details, please visit

This course is non-residential.

Time: 10am to 4pm each day.

Cost: £250 each weekend. Discount available for full payment. Please see payment options below.

Date for 2023/24

Course 2

Location: Broad Hinton Village Hall, Wiltshire

Introductory weekend/Module One – 1st/2nd July 2023 (updated *please note day one finishes at 5pm)

Module Two – 7th/8th October 2023

Module Three – 6th/7th January 2024 (*these dates are subject to change and will be confirmed in December 2023)

Module Four – 6th/7th April 2024 (*these dates are subject to change and will be confirmed in December 2023)

Graduation weekend 20th/21st July 2024

Course 1 (fully booked)
Introductory weekend/Module One — 18th / 19th February 2023

Module Two — 20th / 21st May 2023

Module Three — 15th / 16th July 2023

Module Four — 14th / 15th October 2023

Graduation Weekend — 20th / 21st January 2024

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