What is a Gong Bath?

Gong bath enables you to experience a meditative journey while the gongs, and usually with some other musical instruments, are played. You will be bathed in the healing frequency of the gong to enter deep relaxation and to bring back harmony and balance to your mind and body.

What to expect in a Gong Bath?

You may choose a comfortable position to either sit or lie down. I will then guide you to close your eyes and to relax and start playing the instruments. I use different kinds of gongs and sometimes incorporate other instruments like a Tibetan Singing Bowl and rattle etc. Therefore you will experience different sound during a Gong Bath, sometimes with the birds singing too!

How does a Gong Bath work?

The sound of the gong and other instruments such as the singing bowl stimulate different brainwave activities. E.g. Alpha waves, when we are relaxed and awake – a very calm state. Theta waves are present when we are dreaming and also in deep meditation and Gamma waves which is found most abundant in experienced meditators and monks. Similar to meditation, gong bath helps us to achieve inner peace and balance our body and mind.

On a deeper level, as we become more aware of our body and mind during a gong bath, we might gain new knowledge and understanding about ourselves. This space allows us to become more accepting and compassionate towards ourselves and people around us. As our mindset is shifted, new ideas and inspiration will follow.

To book and see a list of sessions available, please click HERE.

One-to-One Gong Bath / Small Group / Corporate / Festivals

These are available on request. Please contact me to discuss.

Introduction to Gong Workshop

One-to-one or small group introduction to the gong workshop is also available. Please contact me for details.

I look forward to seeing you and sharing with you the love of the gong.

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