BBC Radio Wiltshire Happiness Project

I did it! haha So a month ago, Sue Kinnear from BBC Radio Wiltshire kindly invited me to talk about meditation and the gong in her evening programme called Happiness Project. As most of you know I am such a horrible speaker, I agreed to do the interview to challenge myself! Here’s the soundclip if you are interested. I think I was not able to present clearly about the gong so I edited the gong part out; then I came across an article that a sound therapist Farzana Ali, talked about group and individual sound bath. I hope this will bring you a better idea on what’s sound bath/gong bath is about 🙂

“Sound therapy is a holistic treatment that uses sound, vibration and different frequencies to put you into a deep state of meditation,” explains Farzana Ali, known to her clients as the sound therapist. “Sessions are called sound baths, since the sound is said to ‘wash over you’. Group sound baths tend to focus mainly on relaxation, but bespoke individual sessions include a self-reflective process where you can address, and then work through, any stress or anxiety.”

Full article:

Credit to BBC Radio Wiltshire

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