When I’m playing the gong…

People often ask me how I feel when I’m offering sound bath. I found it very difficult to describe. Yesterday I did a sand tray on a sandplay therapy course. I think this tray summed up my answer. 

When I am playing the gong, I don’t feel myself anymore. I’m not me. Nothing matters anymore. I’m like a fume in the air, a particle in the universe. Watching the fish swimming day after day, year after year in a circle of eight. The water is sometimes muddy sometimes clear, but nothing matters anymore. It is only a part of us, a tiny part of the universe. We are here but we are not here. Our body is like a shell so that we can experience life, to function as a form. But we are more than this shell. The sound I created in a gong bath perhaps is a closest form that we could experience in our bodies. It is invisible and yet it is there. I allow my hands to create the sound while all of our ‘fumes’ are weaving together, watching us from above, embracing us and sending us everything we need.

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