My first harp trio!

I’m going to record my harp learning journey. I’ve started just before the lockdown so it’s been almost three months of learning. I record this simple tune after seeing people playing music with themselves. Turn out it is much more difficult than I expected, even with such a simple tune. This is also my first trial in this kind of editing too so a lot for me to learn. If you don’t enjoy my harp play, please still come back to my gong bath!! haha

4 responses to “My first harp trio!”

  1. Hi Tammy, I thought you did very well and I enjoyed your playing. What sort of harp was it as it didnt look like a traditional one. I thought the sound was beautiful and very calming.

    1. Thank you Cherry xx It’s a 34 strings floor lever harp. It’s a beginner harp before people learning to play a pedal (concert hall) harp. I also have a lap harp with fewer strings. You might see people using those smaller one to play folk music 🙂

  2. Thanks Tammy, you have done so well in three months. It is totally different from playing the gongs a similar outcome I would say. Xxxx

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