New offer & more content!

As you might notice, like many other businesses, I have started offering different things online. I didn’t like the idea of recording my gong playing or meditation before, mainly because I was not very confident about myself and not that technology savvy. However, with the encouragement from all you lovely people around me (you know who you are xx) I’ve started playing the gong online, even recording my meditation script! I would never have the courage to do this without your support. Thank you very much xx

So at the moment on my member site, I have couple of live gong recordings, a drumming audio and a meditation audio. I’m thinking to do some videos about my instruments including the gongs so that you can know more about them. I’ll also be doing more meditation scripts. I hope you’ll find these useful and enjoy the content. If you have any special requests or questions, please feel free to let me know.

If you are NOT a member yet, do have a look at the member page. On top of the sessions that I’m offering to the public, you’ll have access to other content that I make for the members. There is a promotion if you join the membership now. Here’s the link for details

Do get in touch if you have any feedback and suggestions.

Blessings xx

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