Grounding after Gong Bath

If you have attended to my gong bath, you might notice that I highlight ‘grounding’ at the end. As we are now online, unfortunately I can’t see you. I would like to talk about grounding to make sure you practice effective self care, and are cognitively and physically present after a gong bath as best as possible.

As much as we all enjoy the gong sound, I believe most of us (inc myself), do experience ourselves feeling ‘spacey’ after a gong bath, sometimes light headed and not fully in our body perhaps. The practice of grounding is important to help us not only coming back to the present moment, with a healthy awareness of ourselves being present or ‘all here and functional’, but also it aligns the physical with the spiritual ‘bodies’ we are composed of. If we have found focus upon alternative realities, such as a fantasy landscape, even space, then grounding anchors us back into our earthly reality.

Usually I will play particular instruments such as the rattle or ocean drum follow by a silence period at the end to assist the process. However, because of the limitation of an online session, I’m unsure if each of you are effectively grounded. Especially if you have been listening to the recordings without me speaking, it is very important for you to take as much time as you need to come back from the gong experience gently, in your own timing.

Please do not sit up, or stand up quickly and do not rush to a task that requires a particular focus, e.g. work or driving. If you are dancing and moving during the gong bath, please allow yourself to sit or lie down at the end, rest and practice slow breathing. Below are some ways to help you feeling ‘grounded’:

* Keep your feet on the ground, feel the ground beneath you, feeling stable before you get up.

* Pay attention to yourself, can you feel your limbs and have a sense of your pulse?

* Stamping on the ground barefoot, ideally on the grass

* Keep yourself hydrated – drink water or herbal tea if you prefer, try to avoid caffeine

* Snacking! I am tempted to say eat something light and healthy BUT fruits, cakes and chocolate are very effective for myself 😜 so basically eat something that you enjoy. Eating encourages focus in the digestive process, you become more aware of yourself in a bodily sense.

When the gong bath ends, the therapeutic elements continue in activity, out of awareness for some time so do slow down and be gentle with yourself, being in touch with your physical body, feeling present and take time to enjoy the rest of the day (or perhaps the week after)!

If you would like to ask any questions or share with me your experience after a gong bath, pleasant or unpleasant, live or recordings, please feel free to email me at or I’m happy to arrange a quick video call if you prefer.

2 responses to “Grounding after Gong Bath”

  1. Thank you, that’s really helpful.. It makes sense of how and why the atmosphere feels ‘broken’ by the shakers etc at the end 🙂


  2. Thanks Tammy .,this is very useful. Enjoyed the session as always.

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