Evening Meditation Session

I’ve been teaching meditation at the Malmesbury Chiropractic Clinic for eight months now. Instead of using the word ‘teach’, I think ‘share’ is more appropriate. I am really grateful to have this opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with a group of friendly and lovely people. Seeing everyone enjoys the sessions (without falling asleep!), knowing that they gain something out of the sessions and practice at home is my best reward. Every week I feel the energy within the group growing stronger and stronger; people getting more and more relaxed. These are the positivity that we would like to see and achieve.

As I received quite a number of requests asking about evening session, I’m planning to start an evening group every Thursday from January 2015 in Brinkworth. Please let me know if you are interested and do book in advance as I’m  trying to keep the group as small as possible. Besides, I am also practising with Gong now, so participants would have a chance to experience a 10 – 15 mins gong meditation which will be included in the program.

~Blessings from Blossoms Meditation~