Homemade fragrance water

This looks like a summer drink but it’s actually my homemade fragrance water. It’s chemical-free, essential oil-free, and just any ingredients you can find in your kitchen. These are what I put in the jar: lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and dried rose petal which we use for tea (not too much petals as it will cover the smell of the refreshing lemon) You can also try with anything you can find in your kitchen e.g. orange, ginger, cloves, vanilla extract, etc, etc. I don’t suggest using garlic though 

There are few ways to fill your room with the aroma.

1. Use it in a little fondue pot with a small candle, or, instead of essential oil, use it on an oil burner. Fondue pot is better as it holds more water and ingredients.

2. Boil all ingredients together (you will be filling your kitchen with the aroma in this process!), wait it cool off a bit and pour slowly into a jar (be careful of the hot water!) The jar may break if it can’t stand the high temperature.

3. Put the jar (or any container that can stand the heat) on the radiator. It also helps to humidify your room. This is what I do to keep the aroma going. I don’t usually turn my radiators to high temperature so please be extra careful.

Next time, I’ll probably take a sip before using it as home fragrance!!