Migraine headache & Meditation

Happy New Year to Everyone!

After all the festive celebrations, my migraine kicked in again. I believe many of you have migraine or headache and sometimes it’s so irritating that even medicine couldn’t help. Though I am always a meditator, I never thought of using meditation to ease my migraine until one or two years ago. Since I realized meditation works on migraine, I’ve been doing this when I felt that the migraine is going to kick in. Even NHS suggested relaxation exercise is good for easing headache  (http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/headaches/pages/relaxandcureyourheadaches.aspx)

I usually start with a breathing exercise then a visualization/imagery exercise. Every time when I breathe in, I imagine I’m breathing in a healing light ray, then I hold my breath, let the light ray get to where I feel pain. When I breathe out, I imagine the pain as black cloud which leaves my body with my breath, and I repeat this until I feel better.

The whole exercise lasts about 15 – 30 minutes, depends on how serious was my headache. It doesn’t cure my migraine but works better than the Ibuprofen on me. Hope this may help some of you too!