Mercury retrograde!

I don’t know much about astrology but seems that Mercury retrograde a couple of time every years (or more?). Instead of panicking or worrying, why don’t we make use of this period for a bit of ‘Me’ time, to send love to ourselves and be calm? Let’s give ourselves 15-20 minutes to practise below exercise.

Let’s sit comfortably on your chair, both feet on the ground.
Gently close your eyes.
Now focus on your breathe, when you are breathing in, say to yourself in your mind, ‘My mind be still’. When you are breathing out, visualise your worries as a black cloud which flows out of your body with your breathe.
Repeat this at least three times or when you feel enough.
Then change the phrase to ‘I am calm’ instead.
When you breath out, imagine a calming light ray follow your breath to embrace your body.
Repeat this at least three times again and change to something which is suitable for yourself. E.g. ‘I’m strong’, ‘I’m at peace’, ‘I’m blessed’ or even ‘I love you’ (to send love to yourself).
When you are using your own mantra, choose a colour that you like to represent it, and embrace yourself into it.

No matter how Mercury affects us, I hope this exercise would give you some cheerful energy! All the best to everyone 🙂