Meditation vs Daydreaming

I received some enquiries on the difference between Meditation and Daydreaming. I hope I can give you some ideas here.

Let’s start with the definition of Daydreaming in a dictionary, which is ‘A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake’! When we daydream, we act like we are doing nothing while our minds are occupied with our fantasies, daily works, plans and everything that we can think of. Some people may think this is relaxing, as they are not doing anything physically. But in fact, our brains are working nonstop, making our thoughts wander loose. Daydreaming arouses more thoughts that we have to deal with, in our mind or realistically. It is a non-stop cycle and our brains would never truly rest throughout that process.

However, when we meditate, we are doing the exact opposite. We focus our attention on our breathing and enjoy the present moment. We do nothing and think nothing. We don’t let our thoughts wander but enjoy the peace and silence within our minds. After meditation, our minds and bodies become revitalized because we let the mind rest well. As a result, we tend to function more effectively in our daily lives.

Please feel free to ask any questions by email or pm me. I may not be able to answer them all but I’ll try my best to.